The Montessori Parent’s Role

We do not aim to just be a daycare or a safe and wonderful place where your child can spend their day. Rather, we seek to form a partnership with our families. Without parent support from home, your child will not get the full benefits of our program as intended. We truly believe the old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”. We feel honored to partner with you in shaping and raising your child. Parenting isn't easy but it is so important. It is critical for your child’s development that there is consistency in all of their environments. Therefore, we need your help to promote the same standards of behavior and expectations between school and home. As a school community, we aim to give you the Montessori tools and techniques to best raise your child. To accomplish this, we offer about four free parent information nights throughout the year. We expect all of our families to attend these events as it is incredibly important. All the nights are scheduled before the school year begins, please commit to attending each of them. These nights allow parents to learn more about Montessori and ways to implement the philosophy in their own home.

Additionally, news, events, and important information is communicated weekly through our newsletter. Please stay up-to-date by consistently reading the newsletter.

Parent participation at school enhances the provision of care and education of the children attending our program. Your involvement reassures your child of the strong connection between the home and the school. Every effort will be made to welcome parental contribution and input. We ask that every family volunteers at least 20 hours during the year (2 hrs a month). Children feel loved and enjoy when a parent volunteers. Additionally, we have several events throughout the school year in which parent involvement is encouraged such as International Day, the Sweetheart Banquet, Sports Day and Family Picnic, children’s birthdays etc.