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This school has been one of the best decision made for my son. He has grown leaps and bounds in the last few months. The school director- Ms. Aurora has a very well structured Montessori program. My son loves going to school. All the activities here are targeted for helping kids learn their social and emotional skills, to be kind and respectful human beings. Couldn’t say enough wonderful things about this school only sad that we had to leave due to our move in a different state and my son surely misses this place and the people. Ms. Aurora was very helpful in our transition and finding an appropriate school where we have moved.
— Saylee Gaikwad Nimbalkar (Iowa)
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We are very happy that our son is part of this Montessori school. The teachers have excellent teaching methods and I can see the difference that Montessori brought to my son in just a few months. We are truly blessed to be part of this school.
— Nivedita Gadde (Iowa)
I am so impressed with last week’s lessons at MSM. Teaching the toddlers household activities like teaching them how to cook pumpkins. I loved the biology lesson about nocturnal animals by including a visit from our community members like the Indian Creek Nature Center and Raptology representatives. How I wished that I could have had lessons like this. Thank you, Aurora and wonderful teachers, for working so wonderfully.
— Helga Krantz (Iowa)
My first time visiting my daughter’s classroom, I was amazed. Those 3-6 years olds were moving about their classroom doing work and chatting as miniature office workers.
— Christian Costache (ON, Canada)
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The Montessori mission is clear with Aurora. My daughter learned to be a thinker and an individual under Aurora’s instruction. Even at a preschool age, life skills, math and reading are conceptual, not rote. And the emphasis on kindness, manners and world community are the best parts of her education.
— Sayde Alexandrescu (Iowa)
We have loved this program from the start! Ms. Aurora and all the teachers helped from the beginning with my child’s separation anxiety and she quickly overcame her fears and now loves going to school. I’ve been amazed at the curriculum and how much she has learned. Our daughter constantly sings about the continents, planets and now dinosaurs....all because of what she’s learned at school. We are looking forward to our next few years at MSM.
— Joanna Hein (Iowa)
We are true believers in the Montessori programs. Aurora is such a wonderful director, teacher, and friend to these children and is so passionate about Montessori. We feel very blessed to be a part of the Montessori school of Marion!
— Beth Thornton (Iowa)
The Montessori School of Marion is awesome! It amazed me what the kids are being introduced to. The teachers are the best!
— Marilyn Egli (Iowa)
Leonie loves playing and singing together with the other kids. Friendships grew, and are still alive. Leonie became a very self-confident girl. She is convinced that she is capable of doing anything she wants, if she puts her mind to it. Doing crafts helped her to develop several skills, such as patience and the knowledge that she is able to create something very beautiful on her own.
— Heike Zeiler (Germany)
Just want to take a second to rave about Montessori School of Marion and the wonderful people that make it such a magical place for our children. My son began his Montessori learning experience here in August. Even in just a few weeks I noticed a difference in this child. He keeps his room clean, helps fold his clothes, makes his bed, and is becoming more mindful and respectful of the world around him. He has been blessed with the most wonderful teacher in the world. Thank you for all you do!
— Alyssa James (Iowa)
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[Our son] really had a nice time at MSM. Even after completing his schooling he still remembers [his teacher’s] teaching and lessons. We are really in debt to you for the kid you have made him today.
— The Joshis (Iowa)
We are strong believers in Montessori education and are very happy to have found this school in Marion. Ms. Aurora is passionate about her program and has an amazing staff. Our son is thriving here and we are excited to continue through all 3 years.
— Laurie Johnson (Iowa)
The reason my daughters are so brilliant is because they got their foundation in education at a Montessori School. They both were fabulous students and loved to learn. The cornerstone of Montessori is to make learning fun. And that is why my oldest daughter is now Dr. Matthews and my youngest just graduated from U of I in 4 years with excellent grades. Montessori is a big gift for life.
— Jeanne Matthews (Iowa)
Montessori Education has been a great influence in our children’s lives. They became knowledgeable and inquisitive thinkers, they have been exposed to so many wonderful things in the classroom, which caused them to have an open mind, be accepting towards others, and adaptable.
— Aurora Costache

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