Meet the Founder

Hi! My name is Aurora Costache,

I opened Marion's only Montessori school in 2016 to share my passion about Montessori and its benefits with this young and growing community. Montessori has enriched my life in my roles as an educator and mother and I have watched it transform the lives of my children, students, and their families. 

I was born in Romania and moved to Michigan, in 1990, where I finished high school and college. I married my husband, Christian, in 1995 and moved to Ontario, Canada. Together we have four children and have lived in three continents and four countries: Canada, Japan, Italy, and now the United States, due to my husband's job.

Ever since I was young I wanted to become a teacher, mostly because I saw the need of treating each student for what they are, not to be partial to social status or other factors. I grew up in a middle-class family, with two loving parents who offered my sister and I everything. They taught us that working hard always pays off. I did well, both socially and academically-I was always at the top of my class. Moving to America in high school was a dream come true, there was so much to learn and embrace. Within six months I started speaking English well and advanced from my ESL class to regular 11th grade English. I had the top grade in Pre-Calculus and made it on Honor Roll, which helped me get a full scholarship for college. 

After finishing high school, I decided to study business in college. That served me well as I was able to do bookkeeping, payroll, purchasing, and some advertising throughout my college years. Once I graduated I was hired as a Junior Buyer and worked in that field until I had my second child. This is when I decided to become a stay-at-home mom. I felt that I was missing something, but didn't want to go back to work in the field of business. As a result, I started looking to my deepest passions: fashion and children. In response, I took a part-time position with Chanel and Lancome Skin Care. I enjoyed both jobs, but then Montessori found me. At that time I had already been a Montessori parent for three years, however, I never thought that Montessori training would be available to someone with a business degree but to my surprise I discovered that it was not only available but it was looked favorably upon by the Montessori community to not have a background in Education.

Aurora's AMS Montessori Teacher's Education Graduating Class 2005 (Windsor, Canada)

Aurora's AMS Montessori Teacher's Education Graduating Class 2005 (Windsor, Canada)

I have been a Montessori teacher since 20o4, having received my AMS (American Montessori Society) diploma in 2005 from Lakeview Montessori Teacher's Training. I worked using my Montessori training in The United States, Canada, Japan, and Italy. I also received a certificate for Teaching Children with Learning Differences from Shelton Montessori School in Dallas, Texas. I have found my calling. 

Aside from God and my family, Montessori is my passion. I wish I had known about Montessori at a younger age. I wish I had the opportunity to attend a Montessori School as I grew up. But, I made sure my children did. 

Ever since I discovered this wonderful method of education, I have dreamt of opening up my own school some day. But we lived in so many places and it didn't make sense to do so. Now we are in Iowa and here to stay. 

A couple of years ago I accepted a position at Cedar Valley Montessori School, where I was happy. But, I noticed a gap that I felt led to fill - Marion needs a Montessori school. There are so many young families in this growing town, and I want to make sure your children have the opportunity to have a quality Montessori Education close by.

Not only does Marion need a Montessori school, but also Iowa needs an AMS certified Montessori Teacher Training Center.  I am proud to announce that we are partnering with the Montessori Teacher Training Center from Tucson, Arizona to be the host of this training center here in Marion.

I am happy to take on this responsibility and open the doors to a brand new school here in Marion and host a training center for future teachers.  

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Here are some memories from teaching abroad. Please take a look at some of the kids who I have been blessed to have the opportunity to teach around the world (I wish I had taken more pictures). Photos are included from my visit to the first Montessori School, Casa Dei Bambini, in Rome, Italy. It still stands 100+ years later. As well as some of my speaking engagements and International Montessori Conventions that I attended.

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