Admission Process

  1. To begin the admission process, please schedule a tour and/or observation here. Prospective parents are encouraged to visit our school and observe our program for themselves, this is the best way to learn about MSM and the Montessori philosophy.

  2. After your tour, you will be contacted by our office with an invitation to complete a wait pool form if you wish to enroll your child at MSM. We currently have no available spaces, however, by submitting your child's name to the wait pool, you will be in line for an opening.

  3. Once a spot becomes available for your child you will be contacted by our office. Please remember that this is a wait pool, not a waitlist. In order to run a successful Montessori program, a good age mixture of children is crucial. Therefore, children will be admitted from the pool based on several factors such as age, not solely list order like a traditional waitlist.

  4. You will be contacted by our school director to arrange a home interview. This is interview serves as an introduction between the school and the family.

  5. Based on the interview and your child’s fit in our program, you will be sent all the necessary paperwork and contract to complete. Applicable fees will also be due at this time.

Note: There is no financial commitment until your child is accepted into our school and you have signed a contract.