Summer Program

Each session runs for 2 weeks and follows a different curriculum based on the topic. Our program follows Montessori philosophies but follows a slightly different routine compared to our regular academic Casa Program.

Children will enjoy discovering themselves as members of a group and as individuals. They will be working on gaining self-confidence, enhancing their attention span and concentration, and developing a love of learning. It will be both a social and a learning experience through various Montessori-based activities that coincide with our session's topic. Your child will thrive in an educationally enriched environment!

During Session 1, we will discuss Dinosaurs: different species, characteristics, habits, history, and fossils. The children will have the oportunity to be little Paleontologists and experience Dinosaurs in all the area of the curriculum (practical life, language, sensorial, math, science and art)

In Session 2 children will gain a better understanding of the importance of water in relation to weather patterns as we discuss the water cycle, different types of clouds, the importance of recycling and using our resources wisely. We will incorporate the weather in all the areas of our curriculum (practical life, language, sensorial, math, science and art).

If it's your child's first time to come to school, it's alright and normal for him/her to cry. He/she may do so for the first few days. We want your child to have a happy experience at school, one that he/she will cherish. Please understand that the teachers are very experienced in handling children and dealing with their individual needs. We look forward to seeing you. Please read and review the important reminders below.

The payment deadline for our summer program is May 20th, 2017. 

Please make payments to: Montessori School of Marion and indicate STUDENT’S NAME ON ALL BANK TRANSFER FORMS

Children not enrolled at MSM during the regular academic year are welcome to apply, provided they are toilet trained, can follow the curriculum and meet our Casa Program admission requirements.

What to Bring

All children, regardless of age, must have an extra set of clothes and a hat.  Please place these items in a bag (labeled with child’s name) as they will be left at school unless the clothes have been used. Children will need indoor shoes. Please ensure that they are easy to take on and off, however, do not send in your child with slippers. We recommend rubber, Croc type shoes. Please dress your child comfortably so it will be easy for him/her to use the bathroom.  We ask that pants with belts and/or suspenders, overalls and shoes that require tying be avoided.  These items become more of a hindrance to your child’s independence. All children must have a water bottle with water. We can refill it if needed. Please apply sunscreen in the morning before school, it should be enough until lunch time.  PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME—clothes, bags, hats, etc. If your child suffers from allergies or has certain food intolerances we ask that you pack them a snack. Please place the snack in a small container or a zip-lock bag with the child’s name clearly labeled.  The snack must be in small quantities.  We welcome fruits (cut and ready to eat), vegetable sticks, cookies, crackers, etc. Please refrain from sending sugary foods or messy, crumbly snacks.  


Please drop off your child in the lobby starting at 8:30am. Teacher supervision before 8:30 a.m. is only available if requested in advance.


Dismissal at 11:30 am will be from the same door that children are dropped off at in the morning.


Please be punctual.  If your child is absent, please call/text or e-mail the school by 8:30 each morning your child is absent.  The office number is (319) 640 9178, email

Children who are ill should not be sent to school, especially if they have a fever. If your child is ill or running a fever will be sent home, and in case of absence due to flu or any other communicable illness, a doctor’s note will be required to return to school.