Observation Guidelines

Welcome! We are happy that you are able to visit and we hope it will be an informative and positive experience. Observation is difficult. It is important that you observe as a naturalist observes- without interaction that would disturb and change the environment.

Below are some guidelines to follow and tips to get the most out of your visit:

  • Please sit quietly.
  • Do not interact with the teacher, unless you are approached.
  • If children approach you, be pleasant but brief. You may say something similar to, "I came to see you work."
  • Observe one child in the classroom of different ages.
  • Observe the entire class.
  • Look for qualities of independence, self-discipline, self-direction, attention, concentration, and joy.
  • If you have a child in the class, please keep in mind that your own child may be excited by your presence. In any case, his or her behavior in the class may be different than usual.
  • Please do not compare your child with others.
  • Remember, the more unobtrusive you remain, the better chance you have of seeing the class as it normally functions. 

The end of your observation will be followed by a brief comment and questions session with the directress.