No human being is educated by another person. He must do it himself or it will never be done. A truly educated individual continues to learn long after he leaves the classroom, because he is motivated from within by a natural curiosity and love for knowledge.
— Dr. Maria Montessori

Mission Statement:

At the Montessori School of Marion our goal is:

To provide a quality environment at a school that children love to come to, are welcome to discover their first friends, engage with their first teachers, and learn to play in a constructive atmosphere.

We promise to cultivate your child's natural curiosity, so she/he can become a self-directed, lifelong learner. 

We are dedicated to aiding in our students’ development in becoming the best they can be. 

We strive to serve the children and community with integrity and consistency to create citizens that our country and community needs.

Vision Statement:

At the Montessori School of Marion our vision is:

To guide the development of the whole child by providing an authentic Montessori education which cultivates their independence, awareness of the environment, and empathy for others while instilling social grace, and promoting healthy confidence.

We hope to nurture and continue to form strong partnerships between our school, homes, and families within our community.

We aim to become a model of early-childhood learning in the Marion community and to be a benefit to all interested individuals while offering on-site Montessori Training for interested early-childhood teachers and development professionals in Linn County, the state of Iowa, and the greater region in order to further the growth and potential of curious young minds.