Laurel Johnson

Nido Program Directress

Laurel has been a part of the Montessori community since 2015, when her first son started in a Montessori program in Kansas City. What attracted her to Montessori was observing the calm, respectful demeanor of even the youngest children as they worked. Upon moving to Marion in 2017, she enrolled her son in MSM. It is here, witnessing her son become an independent, confident, culturally aware individual, that Laurel realized she wanted to become a Montessori educator. 

 Laurel has Bachelors’ Degrees in French and Cultural Anthropology. She has a Master’s Degree in Health Communication and has spent last 10+ years working in health education. During her personal time, she enjoys running, reading and listening to podcasts, as well as attending music/cultural festivals and traveling with her husband and two sons.