Nido Room

See a need, fill a need. That is the thought that inspired us to open the Nido class. As a small school, we have about 30 families. Last year, almost a third of them were expecting a baby! With all of these exciting changes, we began to consider how we could best serve our fast-growing school community. Thus, the Nido program was born.

Nido is Italian for nest and that is exactly what this program strives to offer, a warm nest of support. Nido is a home away from home for infants to grow, explore, develop, and interact with others and their environment with proper support from a Montessori setting.

This fall is our first year serving children from 6 weeks to 1.5 years. Not only are the teachers excited about having infants join our school, but the older children are thrilled as well. They have so enjoyed observing the babies and marveling at their every move. Here is a peek at life in the Nido room.